Privacy International

Privacy International, a registered UK charity founded in 1990 and was the first organisation to campaign at an international level on privacy issues.

What Privacy International Does

* investigate the secret world of government surveillance and expose the companies enabling it
* litigate to ensure that surveillance is consistent with the rule of law
* advocate for strong national, regional, and international laws that protect privacy
* conduct research to catalyse policy change
* raise awareness about technologies and laws that place privacy at risk, to ensure that the public is informed and engaged

Privacy International envisions a world in which the right to privacy is protected, respected, and fulfilled. Privacy is essential to the protection of autonomy and human dignity, serving as the foundation upon which other human rights are built. In order for individuals to fully participate in the modern world, developments in law and technologies must strengthen and not undermine the ability to freely enjoy this right.

Privacy International has been producing world-class research reports for over a decade, in collaboration with academic institutions across the globe. Range of topics covering from counterterrorism policy, to financial privacy, to EU data protection rules.

In-dept country reports (over 40 countries around the world) are also available online using local research and experience. Country report is an evaluation of privacy and surveillance laws, policies and practices in each country. Report outline includes:

* Background
Judiciary; Civil Society; Mobile Connectivity; Attitudes to Privacy

* Legal framework
Constitutional Protections for Privacy; Statutory Protections for Privacy; Supervisory Authority for Privacy Laws and Complaints; Freedom of Information Laws; Jurisprudence

* Surveillance policies
Lawful Access Powers of Government Agencies; Intelligence and Surveillance Oversight; Immigration and Privacy; Travel and Borders; Profiling/Data Mining; DNA; Communications Surveillance and Data Retention; Visual Surveillance; Cybercafes and Internet Services; Cyber Security

* Privacy issues
Identity management; Medical Privacy and Health Management; Data Sharing; Financial Privacy; Consumer Privacy; Gender

* International governance issues
International Obligations Pertaining to Privacy
Address:   Privacy International
62 Britton Street, London
United Kingdom

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