Sentencing Council for England and Wales

The Sentencing Council for England and Wales was established on April 6, 2010 as an independent, non-departmental public body of the Ministry of Justice, replacing the Sentencing Guidelines Council and the Sentencing Advisory Panel.

The Sentencing Council for England and Wales was set up to promote greater transparency and consistency in sentencing, whilst maintaining the independence of the judiciary.

The primary role of the Council is to issue guidelines on sentencing which the courts must follow unless it is in the interests of justice not to do so.

The Sentencing Council has responsibility for:
* developing sentencing guidelines and monitoring their use;
* assessing the impact of guidelines on sentencing practice. It may also be required to consider the impact of policy and legislative proposals relating to sentencing, when requested by the Government; and
* promoting awareness amongst the public regarding the realities of sentencing and publishing information regarding sentencing practice in Magistrates' and the Crown Court.

The official website of the Sentencing Council for England and Wales features:

* Judges & criminal justice professionals
Guidelines and other publications, consultations, data, analysis, youth sentencing and more

* Members of the public
Sentencing and guidelines explained, information for victims, have your say, frequently asked questions, news and more

* Members of the media
News, press releases, sentencing and guidelines explained, Council members, FAQs and more

* Researchers and academics
Research, data, analysis, trends, statistics, guidelines and publications, our work and more
Address:   The Sentencing Council for England and Wales
The Royal Courts of Justice
East Block, Room EB16
The Strand
London WC2A 2LL
United Kingdom

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