Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC)

The Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) is an independent commission that selects candidates for judicial office in courts and tribunals in England and Wales, and for some tribunals whose jurisdiction extends to Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Candidates are selected for judicial office on merit, through fair and open competition, from the widest range of eligible candidates.

The Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) was set up on April 3, 2006 in order to maintain and strengthen judicial independence by taking responsibility for selecting candidates for judicial office out of the hands of the Lord Chancellor and making the appointments process clearer and more accountable. The JAC creation was one of the major changes brought about by the Constitutional Reform Act (CRA) 2005, which also reformed the office of Lord Chancellor and established the Lord Chief Justice as head of the Judiciary of England and Wales.

The JAC is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Ministry of Justice.

The official website of the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) features:

* Starting a Judicial Career (Suitability and eligibility; Character requirements; Qualities and abilities; Candidate resources)

* Selection Process (The application form; Shortlisting; Selection day; After selection day; Legal and non-legal selection exercise calendar)

* Reference Guidance (For referees and candidates)

* Frequently asked questions (Eligibility; Application form; Reasonable adjustments and diversity; Shortlisting; Selection day; Section 94 lists; Selection process; Judicial pension reform)
Address:   Judicial Appointments Commission
Steel House, 1st Floor
11 Tothill St
London SW1H 9LH
United Kingdom
Twitter:   http://twitter.com/becomeajudge
Website:   jac.judiciary.gov.uk/

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