Polish Constitutional Tribunal

An independent constitutional organ of the State.

The Constitution of April 2, 1997, entered into force on October 17, 1997, recognizes four areas of the Constitutional Tribunal's jurisdiction:
* the review of norms; a particular procedure for reviewing the norms is adjudicating on constitutional complaints;
* settling disputes over authority between the central constitutional organs of State;
* deciding on the conformity to the Constitution of the purposes or activities of political parties;
* determining whether or not there exists an impediment to the exercise of the office by the President of the Republic.

The Tribunal consists of 15 judges appointed by the Sejm for a 9-year term of office. The President and the Vice-President of the Tribunal are appointed by the President of the Republic from amongst candidates submitted by the General Assembly of the Judges of the Constitutional Tribunal.
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Website:   www.trybunal.gov.pl/

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