Supreme Court of Iceland

The Supreme Court of Iceland was founded under Act No. 22/1919 and held its first session on February 16, 1920. The Court holds the highest judicial power in Iceland, where the court system has two levels. The Court was housed at first in the Old Penitentiary Building in Reykjavik, but from 1949 it resided in the former court building on Lindargata. The Supreme Court of Iceland operates in two divisions, where either three or five justices sit to hear a case before the Court, while there are nine justices altogether. For especially important cases, the President may decide that the bench be constituted by seven justices. When a case is heard by five or seven justices, these shall usually be the most senior justices on the Court. The main rule is that cases are presented orally before the Supreme Court, and the court sessions, which begin at 9 am, are generally open to the public.
Notes:   Only basic information available in English. Other information are only available in Icelandic.

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