Federal Administrative Court, Germany

Established in 1953 as supreme instance of the general administrative jurisdiction. It is one of Germany's six Federal Courts. Unlike most other countries, Germany has five different branches of jurisdiction which act completely independent of each other. Each branch has its own Federal Court as supreme instance. The general administrative jurisdiction forms the largest system of specialized courts in Germany. It is competent for all kinds of non-constitutional public law matters, unless the respective matter is explicitly assigned by statute to the fiscal or social courts. Typical examples are disputes arising from laws relating to public order and security, assemblies, foreign nationals and asylum, building, traffic, trade and industry, municipal revenue and municipal administrative organization, subsidies, access to public institutions and public welfare, education, protection of the environment, nuisance caused by public facilities, project planning and civil service matters.
Notes:   Only basic information available in English. Other information are only available in German.
Website:   www.bverwg.de/

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