Federal Court of Australia

The Federal Court of Australia was created by the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 and began to exercise its jurisdiction on 1 February 1977.

The court is a superior court of record and a court of law and equity. It sits in all capital cities and elsewhere in Australia from time to time.

The Court's original jurisdiction is conferred by over 150 statutes of the Parliament.

The Court has a substantial and diverse appellate jurisdiction. When created the Court's jurisdiction comprised that formerly exercised in part by the High Court of Australia and the whole of the Australian Industrial Court and the Federal Court of Bankruptcy.

It now hears appeals from decisions of single judges of the Court and from the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (previously the Federal Magistrates Court) in non-family law matters. The Court's jurisdiction now covers almost all civil matters arising under Australian federal law and some summary and indictable criminal matters. It also has jurisdiction to hear and determine any matter arising under the Constitution through the operation of s 39B of the Judiciary Act 1903.

The Court also exercises general appellate jurisdiction in criminal and civil matters on appeal from the Supreme Court of Norfolk Island.

The official website of the Federal Court of Australia features:
* About the Court (Jurisdiction, Acts, Courts & Tribunal, Judges, Registrars, Corporate Info, Research Requests, International Programs, Freedom of Information);
* Case Management Services (Case Allocation, Access to Files & Transcripts, Assisted Dispute Resolution, Registry Services, Powers of a Registrar, Check Progress of a Case, Appeals, Representative Proceedings);
* Law & Practice (Court Rules Acts & Regulations, Areas of Law, Practice Documents, Case Management Handbook, Robing, Communication Devices, Register to Practice, Consultation & Liaison, Legal Research);
* Forms & Fees (Forms, Filing, Difference between fees & costs, Court fees, Legal costs, Interest rates);
* Court Calendar;
* Publications.
Website:   www.fedcourt.gov.au/

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