Ministry of Justice, New Zealand

The Ministry of Justice delivers court and tribunal services including collection of fines and reparation, provides policy advice and negotiates Treaty of Waitangi claims on behalf of the Government. The Ministry of Justice is the lead justice sector agency and also supports the judiciary.

The Judiciary applies the law by hearing and deciding cases. It is made up of judges and judicial officers.

The Ministry of Justice administers legislation and contributes to a more credible and more effective justice system by:
* developing robust policy advice that influences the direction of justice in New Zealand
* supporting an efficient and accessible court system that is trusted by New Zealanders
* providing effective services to support independent judicial decision making
* settling Treaty of Waitangi claims in a fair and durable way
* managing parliamentary elections and referenda effectively, to maintain public confidence in electoral processes
* working with communities to enhance safety and well-being.

The Ministry of Justice is led by the Secretary for Justice and Chief Executive. The Executive Team is supported by the wider Senior Management Team.

The official website of the Ministry of Justice features:
* Services (Information and support; Accessing records, wills and decisions; Fines and reparation; Consultation; Licensing);
* Courts (The Judiciary, The Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, District Court, Family Court, Youth Court, Environment Court, Employment Court, Coroners Court, Maori Land Court);
* Tribunals;
* Policy Development;
* Justice Sector;
* Treaty Settlements;
* Electoral.

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