Palestinian Legal and Judicial System: Al-Muqtafi

A website produced by the Institute of Law at Birzeit University in Palestine. Al-Muqtafi is the first legal databank in Palestine. It houses the Legislation Database and Court Judgements Database.

Legislation Database
The database contains references to all legislation enacted in Palestine since the middle of 1900s and can be searched by subject, historical period, date, keyword or type. Records include the title, date, topic, bibliographic details and links to any amendments. A selection of documents are provided in full-text mostly in Arabic.

The Legislation Database features all items of legislation, which were enforced in Palestine under the Ottoman rule until 1917; legislation under the British Mandate until 1948; legislation under the Egyptian Administration in the Gaza Strip as well as the Jordanian rule over the West Bank until 1967; and military orders issued by the Israeli occupation authorities from 1967 onwards. In addition, the Legislation Database contains recent pieces of legislation enacted by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), which have been published in the Palestinian Official Gazette since 1994.

The Legislation Consolidation Project is restricted to the consolidation of effective legislation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, or in any of these areas.

Court Judgements Database
Al-Muqtafi also provides court judgements which can be searched by case type, historical period, case number, date or keyword. Some full-text judgements are available in Arabic.

This Database encompasses all court judgements issued forth by the Palestinian high courts since 1994. These include judgements entered by the Court of Appeals between 1994 and 2001, as well as the Court of Cassation and the High Court of Justice from 2001 until today.

Other Services
International documents dealing with Palestine include accords, agreements, decisions of the Arab League, proclamations and resolutions. Documents made available in full-text are mostly in Arabic with a few in English or Hebrew. Other materials provided on the site include a legal thesaurus, full text issues of the Palestinian Official Gazette back to 1994 (in Arabic) and a page of related web links.
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