Subordinate Courts of Singapore

Singapore attained independence in 1965. The history of Singapore's justice system dates back to the 19th century. The Common Law retains as the foundation of legal theory, thought and practiced in Singapore.

Prior to 1975, the Subordinate Courts of Singapore operated out of various locations. In 1975, a centralized Subordinate Courts Complex was built at 1 Havelock Square and remains operational until today.

The Family Justice Division was relocated to 3 Havelock Square on October 1, 2001 while the Small Claims Tribunals which was relocated to Havelock Square Complex on March 21, 2005.

The 5 main divisions of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore are the:
  • 3 Justice Divisions namely:
    • Criminal Justice,
    • Civil Justice,
    • Family Justice and Juvenile Justice;

  • the Strategic Planning and Training Division;
  • and the Corporate and Court Services Division.

The Chief District Judge has an overall responsibility for the daily management and administration of the Subordinate Courts. He oversees the work of all the District Judges, Magistrates and staff of the Subordinate Courts and spearheads the formulation and execution of strategic policies.

The Chief District Judge is assisted by the Leadership Team which comprises Senior District Judges, Group Managers, senior judicial officers and senior court administrators. The Leadership Team is supported by court administrators who provide essential paralegal support and administrative services required by the operational units of the Subordinate Courts.

The official website features info for:
  • Litigants
    Hearing Lists, FAQs, Small Claims Tribunal DIY Kit, Processes & Procedures (Warrant of Arrest, How to file a Notice of Appeal, Probate & Letters of Administration, Divorce, Traffic fines, Court attendance, Adoptions, Mediation, Children's issues, Civil matters, Criminal case...)
  • Public
    Location Map & Operating Hours, Virtual Tour, Small Claims Tribunal, FAQs
  • Lawyers
    Application Forms, Legislation & Directions, Hearing Lists, Resources (Papers, Articles, Research Bulletins), Unreported Judgments
  • Media
    Court Excellence and Judicial Cooperation Forum, Overview of Courts (Night Court, Community Court, Mediation...), Programmes, eServices (eFiling, Kidsnet), Career Opportunities, Public Tour, Resources, Community Justice Centre

Address:   Subordinate Courts Building
No 1 Havelock Square
Singapore 059724

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