Industrial Arbitration Court (IAC), Singapore

Established on September 15, 1960. The Industrial Relations Act (then known as the Industrial Relations Bill) was brought into force in 1960 with the intention of preventing industrial disputes through facilitating and certifying agreements freely made between unions and employers. It also offered an alternative to industrial action as the means for settling disputes viz the peaceful settlement of disputes through fair, fast and inexpensive arbitration by the Industrial Arbitration Court (IAC). The Industrial Arbitration Court official website features Announcements & Court Hearings; Collective Agreements (Preparing, Submitting, Review, Amending the CA, Certification of CA, Recently Certified CAs); Mediation & Arbitration (Applying for Arbitration, Mediation by Registrar, Court Hearing, Referee Hearing, List of Court Awards, FAQs); Resources.

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