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The Singapore judicial system is made up of the Supreme Court and the State Courts, which was previously known as the Subordinate Courts. The Supreme Court is superior as it has unlimited jurisdiction to hear civil and criminal cases compared to State Courts.

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The Chief Justice is the head of the judiciary.

Singapore gained independent on August 9, 1965 and severed ties between the judicial systems of Singapore and Malaysia in 1969.

The Supreme Court of Judicature Act 1969, re-established the Supreme Court of Singapore on January 9, 1970. It comprised the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Court of Criminal Appeal.

In 1993, Court of Appeal and the Court of Criminal Appeal were reconstituted into a single Court of Appeal.

The Supreme Court of Singapore now consists of the Court of Appeal and the High Court. It hears both civil and criminal matters.

The new Supreme Court Building, which was officially opened on 7 January 2006 is located at 1 Supreme Court Lane. The building comprises of 12 civil courts, 8 criminal courts and 3 appellate courts. The Court of Appeal is on the 9th storey. The courtrooms where the High Court hearings take place are located at the lower levels, on the 2nd through 6th storeys.

High Court

The High Court has both original and appellate jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases:
  • Civil cases if the claim exceeds S$250,000

  • Probate matters if the estate value exceeds S$3,000,000

  • Ancillary matters in family proceedings involving assets of S$1,500,000 or above

  • All criminal cases.

Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal only exercises appellate jurisdiction as it hears both civil and criminal appeals from the High Court. It does not have original jurisdiction thus does not deal with first time trials.

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The Supreme Court of Singapore official website features:
  • Judges, Judicial Commissioners and Registrars;

  • Statutes, Regulations, Practice Directions

  • Hearings (Search case number or name of party; Today's Hearings; Court Calendar; Hearing Lists)

  • Self-Help Guides, Legal Fees, Legal Assistance for Capital Offences (LASCO) and Subsidised Legal Counsel for Civil Cases

  • Rules of Court, Criminal and Civil Proceedings

  • Admission of Advocates and Solicitors

  • Services for Legal Professional (eLitigation, LawNet Litigation Module, Apply and Renewal Practising Certificates)

  • Unclaimed Funds in Court;

  • Visitors to the Court (Dress Code, Prohibitions, Guide Tours, Courthouse Facilities and Architecture)

Court services provided include:
  • Court forms and fees

  • Interpretation services

  • Translation services

  • Digital transcription services

  • Commissioner for Oaths

  • Inspection and supply of court documents

  • Service of documents

  • Sheriff's services

  • Technology Courts booking

Address:   Supreme Court of Singapore
1 Supreme Court Lane
Singapore 178879
Phone:   +(65) 6336 0644 (General Enquiries)

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