Sarawak Tourism Board

The main objectives of the Sarawak Tourism Board are positioning and promoting Sarawak as a safe and friendly eco-tourism destination; providing networking and synergy among the official agencies and tourism partners; increasing awareness among Sarawakians on the benefits and importance of the tourism industry; and enhancing performance through motivation and teamwork. The Sarawak Tourism Board official website features Facts & Figures (introduction, location, climate/weather, government, economy, immigration), Must Buy in Sarawak (pottery, wood, textiles, beads, bamboo, rattan, reed basket, terendak, Sarawak pepper, saled terubok fish, bario rice, Sarikei pineapple), Getting Around (distance chart, map, transportation), Local Delights (delicacies, dining style), Nightlife, Travel Tips, Events and Useful Links.

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