Lembaga Air Sibu

Commonly known as the Sibu Water Board (SWB) in English. Initially incorporated under Section 19 of the Water Supply Ordinance 1959 and re-incorporated under the Sibu Water Board Order 1959 when Section 19 of the Water Supply Ordinance 1959 was repealed. The main function of the Sibu Water Board is to have the custody, management and administration of water works and the water therein and the management of the supply and distribution of such water within its area of supply subject to the general control and supervision of the State Water Authority. The SWB official website features customer service (water supply application, meter reading, water offences, meter testing, disconnection, water conservation, payments, forms, customer's role), billing schedule, performance indicators, tender and quotation and FAQs.
Website:   www.swb.gov.my/

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