Jabatan Muzium Sabah

Also known as the Department of Museum Sabah in English. The Sabah Museum was officially opened on July 15, 1965 and located in a shophouse at Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu. The Museum grew and expanded rapidly. In 1981, the Museum came under the Ministry of Community Services and later in 1982, under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. The official opening of the Sabah Museum, located at its present site, Old Palace Hill ( Bukit Istana Lama ), was officiated on April 11, 1985. The flagship of the Sabah Museum is teh Sabah Museum Complex sited on 43.3 acres of lush green natural and planted jungle. This complex is unique in Malaysia as it houses in one place the museum proper, an ethnobotanic garden, a zoological garden and a heritage village. The Sabah Museum official website features services (guided tour, mobile exhibition, multi-purpose rooms, audio-visual equipment, etc), galleries, heritage village (traditional houses and structures), cyber museum and events.
Website:   www.mzm.sabah.gov.my/

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