Kementerian Pelancongan, Kebudayaan dan Alam Sekitar Sabah (KePKAS)

Also known as the Sabah Ministry Of Tourism, Culture and Environment in English. Established as the Ministry of Coordination in 1968 to monitor development projects implemented by State and federal departments. The Ministry of Manpower and Environmental Develpment was established in 1976 to take over the functions of the above Ministry. The Ministry was renamed the Ministry of Resource Development in 1981 but reverted back to the original name, Ministry of Human Resources and Environmental Development in 1985. As tourism became the main focus of the Ministry, its name was changed to Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Development in 1987. It was renamed Ministry of Tourism Development, Environment, Science and Technology in 1999 and Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment in 2004. Departments and agencies under the Ministry are Sabah Tourism Board, Sabah Parks, Sabah Cultural Board, Sabah Museum, Department of Wildlife and Environment Protection Department.

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