Pejabat Daerah Tambunan

Also known as the Tambunan District Office in English.

In 1946, the Tambunan District Office was headed by a Chief Clerk, under the jurisdiction of Keningau District Office. The Tambunan District Office was upgraded to a District administration in 1948, three years after the Second World War.

Tambunan District Office acts as the chief coordinator to all development activities at District level and represents the State Secretariat and the Federal government at the District level.

The District Office consists of 4 main sections namely administration and finance, rural development, native court (non-Muslim bumiputras customary claims, marriage divorce, presides over case related to native custom, administration of Native Court Ordinances, child adoption) and land section (land application & acquisition, change of ownership, land enquiry, register land title NT/FR, land succession applications, temporary occupation license TOL, collect land revenue, process gazette of state land).
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