Bahagian Kerajaan Tempatan, Setiausaha Kerajaan (SUK) Perak

Also known as the Local Government Division, Perak State Secretariat in English.

Main functions of the Division are:
* Guide and encourage local authorities in planning, monitoring and implementing socio-economic and urban services programs geared towards creating a prosperous, peaceful and progressive society in line with development objectives;
* Assist the local authorities create an efficient and competitive local government organisation in terms of management and finance to enable them provide up-to-date, systematic and quality service;
* Ensure that local authorities play an active and effective role in urban and rural development under their jurisdiction via implementation of amenities, business and industrial projects;
* Assist and coordinate the local authorities to play the role of an effective government administration unit by involving the local community's participation in local affairs;
* To create & maintain a collaborative relationship between the central and state government.
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.

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