Penang Botanic Gardens

Popularly known as the Waterfall Gardens. Established by the British in 1884 from an old granite quarry site.

Administration under the Penang Botanic Gardens Department (Jabatan Taman Botani).

Situated in Jalan Air Terjun, George Town. It lies in a deep valley, bound by tropical rainforests, divided by a cascading stream that meanders through a sprawling 29 hectares of prime and undulating grounds. Its lush greenery and tranquil setting makes it a favorite park and popular tourist attraction.

The functions of Penang Botanic Gardens are botanical (Collection, identification and conservation of the local and exotic flora); horticultural (Advice and training in the cultivation of ornamental plants); educational (researchers and students to study the natural flora); recreational (Tranquility for public to enjoy); touristic; and landscaping, sales and rental of plants.

The official website features visitors' info, virtual walk, scenes & activities (Formal Garden, Lily Pond, Fern Rockery, Ornamental Plant House, Cactus House, Orchidarium...) and edu & research.
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions. Website accessible only during office hours (local time in Malaysia).

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