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Local Authorities, Sabah

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  • Majlis Daerah Sipitang
    Also known as the Sipitang District Council in English. Among the potential places of special interest to tourists in Sipitang are Taman Semaki, Long Pasia Homestay, Pantai Tanjung Merintaman, Kabar Waterfall (Air...
  • Majlis Daerah Tambunan
    Also known as the Tambunan District Council in English.
  • Majlis Daerah Tenom
    Also known as the Tenom District Council in English. The Tenom District Council rating area (kawasan perkadaran) consists of Tenom township and Kemabong Lama township.
  • Majlis Daerah Tuaran

  • Majlis Perbandaran Sandakan (MPS)
    Also known as the Sandakan Municipal Council in English. The early local authority established in Sandakan was the Sandakan Sanitary Board, which was replaced by Sandakan Town Board (Lembaga Bandaran Sandakan) on...

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