Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (MBJB)

Also known as the City Council of Johor Bahru in English term. A local authority being conferred the power under the Local Government Act 1976 to provide municipal services to the citizens of Johor Bahru. MBJB is responsible for the administration, planning and development of the city. History of MBJB started in 1910 with the establishment of Lembaga Bandaran (Town Board), which was upgraded to Majlis Bandaran (Town Council) in 1952, Majlis Perbandaran (Municipal Council) on April 1, 1977 and subsequently Majlis Bandaraya (City Council) on January 1, 1994 when Johor Bahru was declared a City. The MBJB official website features corporate info, services, programmes and activities, public utilities, MBJB hotline, FAQs and downloads.
Notes:   Available in Malay version only.

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