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Local Authorities, Johore (Johor)

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  • Majlis Daerah Pontian (MDP)
    Also known as the Pontian District Council in English term. Established on November 1, 1976. The administration of the District Council covers the area of Bandar Pontian, Pekan Nanas, Benut, Permas and Ayer Baloi....
  • Majlis Daerah Segamat (MDS)
    Also known as the Segamat District Council in English term. Established in 1912 as the Town Board (Lembaga Bandaran), which was upgraded to Town Council (Majlis Bandaran) in 1951. On January 1, 1977 under the Local...
  • Majlis Daerah Simpang Renggam (MDSR)
    Also known as the Simpang Renggam District Council in English term. In line with the reconstruction of the State government to upgrade the status of few local authorities, Majlis Daerah Simpang Renggam (MDSR) was...
  • Majlis Daerah Tangkak
    Also known as the District Council of Tangkak in English.
  • Majlis Daerah Yong Peng (MDYP)
    Also known as the Yong Peng District Council in English term. The MDYP official website features MDYP profile, organisation structure, departments, awards, RMK9 (Ninth Malaysia Plan), announcements and activities....

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