Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT)

Also known as the Kumpulan Industri-Kerajaan Bagi Teknologi Tinggi
in Malay term.
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Office of the Science Advisor (OSA) was established in 1984 under the Prime Minister's Department to spur the country's economic growth through science and technology. In order to foster partnerships between high technology industry and government, Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT) was created by the Office of the Science Advisor (OSA) in February 1993. It was incorporated in October 1994 as a company limited by guarantee.

MiGHT is an independent, industry-driven and non-profit organisation that drives the advancement of high technology in Malaysia with intellectual, financial and other resources support from members drawn from both public and private sectors.

MiGHT's main roles are:
  • to enable consensus building and coordination for industry-government partnership in high technology;
  • to address the country's needs in response to the effects of globalization and trade liberalization on future economic growth through the accelerated use of high technology;
  • to act as a key interlocutor, bringing together policy and technology nurturing to advance high technology interests in the country;
  • to nurture high-tech industries via catalytic interventions programs when the need arises.

Some national projects managed by MiGHT on behalf of the Government includes MM Chip development & implementation, Passenger-to-Freighter aircraft conversion and technology transfer and development for government procurement. MIGHT also serves as the secretariat to the Malaysian Aerospace Council and it is a consortium member of Malaysia International Aerospace Centre (MIAC).

Strategic benefits of MiGHT membership program are:
  • Global exposure to strategic technologies and businesses.
  • Contribution in providing input to formulate national strategic plans for high technology industry sectors.
  • Opportunities for collaboration and partnership in technology and business.
  • Participate in business forums, consultations, seminars, dialogues and global missions.
  • Participate in collective technology efforts beyond the resource of individual organizations.

Address:   Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology
Prime Minister's Department
3517, Jalan Teknorat 5
63000 Cyberjaya

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