Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia)

Also known as the Agensi Nuklear Malaysia (Nuklear Malaysia) in Malay term. Established on September 19, 1972. It was then known as the Centre for Application of Nuclear Malaysia (CRANE) before renamed as Tun Ismail Atomic Research Centre (PUSPATI). In June 1983, PUSPATI was placed under the Prime Minister's Department and renamed Nuclear Energy Unit (UTN). UTN was placed under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in October 1990 and renamed Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT) in August 1994. On September 28 2006, MINT was finally renamed Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia). Its main role is to introduce and promote the application of nuclear science and technology for national development. The Nuclear Malaysia official website features products & services (non-destructive evaluation, sterilisation of medical products, radiation vulcanised natural rubber latex etc.), plants & facilities, R&D, INIS Malaysia and online library.

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