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  • PanduCermat (Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya JKJR)
    Set up in July 2005 by the Malaysian Road Safety Department's (Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya-JKJR), under the Ministry of Transport, as one of the several strategies to educate road users. The PanduCermat official...
  • Penang Port Commission (PPC)
    Penang Port Commission, abbreviated PPC is also known as the Suruhanjaya Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang (SPPP) in Malay term. Penang Port Commission was established on January 1, 1956 under the Penang Port Commission Act...
  • Perbadanan Aset Keretapi (PAK)
    Also known as the Railway Assets Corporation (RAC) in English term. Established under the Railways Act 1991 to ensure the success of Keretapi Tanah Melayu's (KTM) corporatisation programme by managing all its assets...

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