Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB Malaysia)

A statutory body established in 1994 under the Ministry of Works. The CIDB responsibilities are carrying out activities in respect of the construction industry; awarding proficiency certificates; promoting the establishment of companies to carry out activities advantageous for the performance of its functions; providing financial assistance; & addressing problems faced by the industry.

The CIDB official website features Tender (National e-Tendering Initiative-NeTI, Latest Tenders, Tender Entry, Registration, International Tenders), Registration/Levy & Forms (Local and foreign contractors wishing to undertake any construction projects in Malaysia; Green Card as identification for construction personnel to enter the site; Local and foreign construction personnel), Contractors directory, Business Information (country report series, key Malaysian reports, international construction business), Tech Info (CIMP, MC NeTI, MCRJ, Accredit, CARIS, MyCIP, ISO, Qlassic, HSE, QUEST, CIRC, CREAM, IBS).
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.

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