Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)

Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) is also known as the Lembaga Jurutera Malaysia in Malay, a statutory body constituted under the Registration of Engineers Act 1967.

Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) was formed on August 23, 1972 and falls within the ambit of responsibility of the Ministry of Works, Malaysia. The appointment of the Board Members and the Registrar is made by the Minister.

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The primary objective of Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) is to regulate the professional conduct and practice of registered engineers in order to safeguard the safety and interest of the public.

The functions of Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) are:
  • maintaining the Register,
  • processing applications for registration,
  • assessment of academic qualifications,
  • regulate the conduct and ethics of the engineering profession,
  • disputes on professional conduct and ethics,
  • fixing the scale of fees,
  • to be a stakeholder in a contract for professional engineer services when requested,
  • publication for promoting engineering profession through The Ingenieur, and
  • promotion of continued learning and education.

The Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) official website features:
  • Accredited Engineering Programmes
  • MyBEM Online Registration System
  • Application (Professional, Graduate and Temporary Engineers; Engineering Consultancy Practices; Accredited Checkers; Professional Assessment Examination)
  • Scale of Fees (SOF 1998; SOF-Housing; BEM Form 1999; BEM/JKR Form A)
  • CPD Programme and Event & PDP
  • CCC (Forms, List of Submission)
  • Act & Regulations (Engineers Act 1967; Regulations 1990; Code of Professional Conduct)
  • International Mobility (ACPE Register; EMF Register; Washington Accord)
  • Register Directory (Professional and Graduate Engineers; Engineering Consultancy Practices; Accredited Checkers)
  • Download registration forms, list of accredited programmes, certificate of completion & compliance forms and circulars

Address:   Board of Engineers Malaysia
Tingkat 17
Ibu Pejabat JKR
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin
50580 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:   (6) 03-26107095
Notes:   Available in both English and Malay languages.

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