Ministry of Works, Malaysia

Commonly known as the Kementerian Kerja Raya (KKR) Malaysia in Malay term.

Established in 1956 as the Ministry of Works, Post and Telecom. In 1975, the Ministry was restructured and renamed the Ministry of Works and Transportation. The rapid growth and socio-economic development of the country in the 1970s has added to the responsibilities of the Ministry. Thus, the Ministry was again renamed the Ministry of Works and Public in 1978. In accordance with its specialized responsibilities in the 1980s, the Government renamed the Ministry to the Ministry of Works. The Ministry's objective is to develop and enhance a high quality infrastructure system, the construction industry and services.

The KKR official website features e-Complaint, Tender, Acts and legislation, Work process, Project, Do You Know How the Federal and State Roads Number Allocation System Works? (Road number and category, Types of sign boards, State road number in Peninsular Malaysia) and List of accident prone locations
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.

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