Malaysian Administrative Modernization & Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)

Also known as the Unit Pemodenan Tadbiran dan Perancangan Pengurusan Malaysia in Malay term. Development Administrative Unit (DAU) was established in 1966 to upgrade professionalism in all categories of employees in the civil service through educational and training programme. DAU was tasked with the responsibility of spearheading reforms in the Government administration. The Unit was later expanded and renamed Implementation Co-ordination Development Administrative Unit (ICDAU). ICDAU was restructured in 1977 and the function of co-ordinating the implemtation of central projects was handed over to the ICU while the functions of administrative modernisation and human resources planning were handled by a newly established agency, Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit-MAMPU. The MAMPU official website features services such as ISO 9000, public sector quality award, PRISMA, GCERT, ICT procurement, Putrajaya Campus Network, key performance indicators and more.

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