Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)

Also known as the Department of Islamic Development in English term. Established in 1968 as Bahagian Hal Ehwal Islam (BAHEIS). On January 1, 1997, it was upgraded and renamed Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) and assigned the functions of the BAHEIS. A government institution that has a vision to assist in the creation of a progressive and morally upright ummah based on Islamic principles in line with the Malaysian vision through an efficient and effective Islamic Affairs Management organisation. The JAKIM official website features e-Rukyah Hilal Kebangsaan, e-Almanak Falak, e-Hadith, e-Fatwa, e-Rujukan, Akidah issues and e-Solat. There's also guidelines on marriage and divorce administration procedure, prayers for official events, development of Hadhari Village (Hadhari Perkampungan) at parliament level and Islam Hadhari in government agencies.
Notes:   Available in Arabic, English and Chinese versions.
Website:   www.islam.gov.my/

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Guide ID: 969 - Last Updated: August 16, 2013