Implementation & Coordination Unit (ICU)

Also known as the Unit Penyelarasan Pelaksanaan in Malay term. State Development Office was established on October 14, 1969. Initially, it was one of the Ministry of National and Rural Development (MNRD) agencies. MNRD was launched in 1970 and brought the formation of Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) whereby the State Development Office (SDO) reports to this Unit. ICU is a Unit under the Prime Minister's Department. The main task of ICU is to ensure that the delivery system of policy, programmes and projects are carried out effectively so that the public can enjoy the benefits in order to achieve the objectives of national development. ICU has been entrusted to execute some major projects for the country's development. Its broader role includes projects such as Tunas Mekar, One District One Industry (SDSI), PIA, PIAS and Rural Industry Project.
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