Department of Statistics Malaysia

Also known as the Jabatan Perangkaan (JP) Malaysia. A department under the Prime Minister's Department. Established in 1949 under the provisions of the Statistics Ordinance 1949, then known as the Bureau of Statistics (Biro Statistik). The statistics produced at that time were limited to external trade and estate agriculture. In 1965, it was renamed Department of Statistics under the Statistics Act 1965 (Akta Perangkaan 1965). The main functions of the department are the collection, interpretation and dissemination of statistics for the purpose of formulating policies for national development planning and administration. The department also conducts surveys and censuses under the Census Act 1960. The Department of Statistics official website features key statistics (Population, Life Expectancy, GDP, CPI, Employment, External Trade, Exports) and download (Balance of Payments Tables, Gross Domestic Products, International Investment Position, Technical Note, Industrial Production Index).
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.

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