Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA)

Also known as the Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan in Malay term. Federal Land Development Authority, better known as FELDA, was established on July 1, 1956 under the Land Development Act 1956. The Authority is managed by a board responsible to the Deputy Prime Minister.

FELDA is the foremost land development agency in Malaysia. Its main purpose is to help the government carry out rural land development schemes and to uplist the economic status as well as living standard of the rural community.

The FELDA official website features settlers (selection, emplacement, housing, income, loan, settlers), settlement (selection, settlers, area, business, urban, infrastructure, settlement) and development (property - Feldajaya, FELDA, Hotsprint, Community, Statistic; agriculture - Oil, Rubber, Feedlot, Boer, Bamboo, Tongkat, Alfalfa, Kenaf, Guinea, Statistic; entrepreneurship - Function, Agro, SAWARI, Infrastructure, Businesses).
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.
Website:   www.felda.net.my/

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