Federal Court of Malaysia (Mahkamah Persekutuan Malaysia)

Also known as the Mahkamah Persekutuan Malaysia in Malay term. The highest judicial authority and the final court of appeal in Malaysia. Altough federally ocnstituted, has a single-structured judicial system consisting of 2 parts - the superior courts (Court of Appeal, Federal Court and 2 High Courts - 1 for Peninsular Malaysia and 1 for Sabah and Sarawak) and the subordinate courts (Magistrate and Sessions Courts). Previously known as the Supreme Court from 1957 till 1963. When Malaysia was formed in 1963, it was renamed Federal Court and remained the 2nd highest court next below the Privy Council in London. The Council was abolished on January 1, 1985 and the court was renamed Supreme Court & designated the highest court. On June 24, 1994, it was renamed Federal Court. The official website features judiciary members, cause list & judgements (Federal Court & Court of Appeal), directories, legislations, circulars, courts (addresses, jurisdiction, judiciary, world courts) and FAQs.
Website:   www.kehakiman.gov.my/

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