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NOTE: Certain websites are only accessible during working hours of the Federal or State Government of Malaysia.

  • Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM)
    Also known as the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia in English term. Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM) was established on February 18, 1992 to promote the real understanding of Islam in order to...
  • Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara (INTAN)
    Also known as the National Institute for Public Administration in English term. An institute under the Prime Minister's Department. INTAN is the training arm of the Public Service Department (PSD), Malaysia....
  • Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI)
    Also known as the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department in English term.
  • Jabatan Audit Negara Malaysia
    Also known as the National Audit Department in English term. The Audit Institution was established separately in both Federated Malay States and Straits Settlements. In 1906, the Audit Institution of The Federated...
  • Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah Malaysia (JKSM)
    Also known as the Department of Syariah Judiciary Malaysia in English term. Established in 1997 to ensure the uniformity in judgment among the various states on Islamic Family Law and to integrate, standardize and...

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