Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID)

Also known as the Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Malaysia (JPS) in Malay term. Prior to the formation of Department of Irrigation and Drainage in 1932, all works in connection with drainage and irrigation were related to by the Public Works Department. On January 1, 1932, Irrigation and Drainage Department was established to execute in the Straits Settlement and Federated Malay States and advisory in the Unfederated Malay States absorbing the Hydraulics Branch of the Public Works Department, Federated Malay States. Subsequent to the formation of Malaysia in 1963, additional State Drainage and Irrigation Departments were established in Sabah and Sarawak and this increased the number of State Departments to thirteen with the Federal Headquarters being responsible for the overall drainage and irrigation matters in the country.

Today, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage's duties encompass:
* River Basin Management and Coastal Zone
* Water Resources Management and Hydrology
* Special Projects
* Flood Management
* Eco-friendly Drainage

The official website features:
* Services, Projects and Activities
- Flood, River, Coastal and Stormwater Management
- Water Resources Management and Hydrology
- Dams Locations and Information
- Mechanical Structures
* Resources
* Information for Public and Business
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.

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