Department of Environment (DOE)

Also known as Jabatan Alam Sekitar in Malay term. In 1975, Environment Division, an enforcement agency, was established with the gazettement of the Environmental Quality Act (EQA) on March 14, 1974. The Division was renamed Department of Environment-DOE (Jabatan Alam Sekitar) in 1983. The DOE's function is to administer and enforce the Environmental Quality Act, 1974 and Section IV of the Exclusive Economic Zone Act, 1984; to ensure and sustain sound environmental management in the process of nation building. The DOE official website features complaint guide, air pollution (sources & regulations); hazardous substances (export, import and storage-CD guidelines, approval & license, scheduled waste, e-waste); water & marine (contingency, ground & surface water monitoring); EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment-EIA & Environmental Management Plan-EMP); cleaner production; EQC (Environmental Quality Council); CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System); and national policy on environment.
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.

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