Jabatan Tenaga Manusia (JTM)

Also known as the Manpower Department in English term. Established in 1967. Previously known as the Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat-JTR until renamed Jabatan Tenaga Manusia-JTM in early 2000. One of the government agencies, which conduct training programmes in order to produce a competitive and skilled industrial workforce and instructors. JTM operates over 27 skill training institutes throughout Malaysia including Advanced Technology Training Centre (ADTEC), Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute (JMTI), Centre For Instructor and Advanced Skill Training (CIAST) and Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). The JTM official website features services, programmes and activities, location of JTM training institutions and statistics.
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.
Website:   www.jtm.gov.my/

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