Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Sarawak (JTK Sarawak)

Also known as the Sarawak Labour Department in English term. Established on July 26, 1960. The department was placed under the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia after it became an autonomous state of the federation of Malaysia on September 16, 1963. The functions of JTK Sarawak are to legislate labour policy in cooperation with the Ministry; to advise parties concern on labour legislations and labour matters; to enforce the labour laws; and to consider and decide on application for license and labour permit. The JTK Sarawak official website features complaint procedure about an employer, workers' cases, labour compensation, Sarawak Labour Ordinance-Cap 76 Sarawak (Ordinan Buruh), statistics and FAQs.
Notes:   Available in English (http://jtkswk.mohr.gov.my/biver/indexbijtk.htm) and Malay versions.
Website:   jtkswk.mohr.gov.my/

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