Registrar of Societies (ROS)

Commonly known as the Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia (JPPM) in Malay term. Established in 1949 to deal with security threats in Malaysia. Registrar of Societies (ROS) is a regulatory department under the Ministry of Home Affairs. ROS is primarily concerned with the registration, control and supervision of as well as the maintenance of records pertaining to registered non-governmental organisations and its branches and political parties throughout Malaysia so that they do not adversely affect security, public order or morality in the country. ROS carries out enforcement activities governed by the Societies Act 1966 (Akta Pertubuhan 1966) and Societies Regulations 1984 (Peraturan-peraturan Pertubuhan 1984). The ROS official website features guidelines on setting up a society and application for registration of a society, rules and regulations, forms, statistics, news and types of societies.

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