Prison Department Malaysia

Also known as Jabatan Penjara Malaysia in Malay. In 1879, Taiping Prison (better known as the Taiping Goal), the biggest prison at the time, was built, after the British set up a department responsible for it. The Prisons Ordinance 1952 and Prisons Regulations 1953 were introduced to replace old legislations. In 1953, the Criminal Justice Bill was passed. On November 2, 1995, Prison Act 1995 replaced Prisons Ordinance and on September 1, 2000, Prisons Regulations 2000 replaced the old regulations. The Prison Department Malaysia, a professional correctional entity, is the final institution in the implementation of the Criminal Justice System, and it is responsible to the Home Ministry. It is also a detention and rehabilitation institution and serves the community by detaining those who are sentenced by the courts. The duties of the Department are to guard them with the humanity and to help them live productive and law-abiding lives during their time in prisons and after their release.
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