Oral Health Division

Also known as the Bahagian Kesihatan Pergigian in Malay term. Established in 1946 as a Dental Division in the Medical Department. In 1996, the Dental Division justified a change of nomenclature of the Oral Health Division to reflect the holistic concept of oral health as part of general health. The Oral Health Division is a division under the Ministry of Health (MOH) and aims to improve the oral health status of the population through the provision of prevention, promotive, curative and rehabilitative dental services, with special emphasis given to identified priority groups in such a way that the oral health status of the nation will continually be in confirmity with the socio-economic progress of the country. The official site features dental charges; oral health information and FAQs; career in dentistry; clinical practice guidelines; and oral health programmes.
Website:   ohd.moh.gov.my/

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