Food Safety and Quality Division (FSQD)

The food quality control activities were implemented since 1950's under the Sale of Food and Drugs Ordinance 1952 in Peninsular Malaysia. In 1974, the Food Quality Control Unit was formed under the Health Services Division to coordinate food quality control activities nationwide. It was upgraded to Food Quality Control Division (FQCD) at the Ministry level in 1993. In September 1994, FQCD was renamed Food Safety and Quality Division (FSQD). FSQD's activities include enforcement of law; monitoring and research; consumer education; promotion of food safety to the industries and participation in international standard setting bodies. The official site features Food Act 1983; Food Regulations 1985; nutrition and labelling guidelines; licensing of natural mineral water, packaged drinking water and non-nutritive sweetening; food import procedure; food handler forms (SLPM-Sekolah Latihan Pengendali Makanan and AKM-Asas Kebersihan Makanan); and info on CODEX.

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