Royal Malaysian Customs (KDRM)

Also known as the Kastam Diraja Malaysia (KDRM) in Malay term. The Customs and Excise Department were established in 1948 under the control of the High Commissioner for Malaya until the country achieved its independence in 1957. The department was reshuffled and assigned under the Ministry of Finance. On October 29, 1963, the department was conferred the title Diraja or Royal. KDRM is responsible for administrating the nation's indirect tax policy. It's core business is to collect the country's revenue. The official site (Custom Matters Section) features guidelines on importing private vehicles; importing household and personal items/effects; import/export guide; importation of electrical goods for domestic use; free zone; duty free shop; forex rules and security; traveller's guide; excise, service and sales tax; report smuggling; disposal of forfeited goods; brief guide to customs rulling; and customs valuation guide.
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.

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