Ministry of Entrepreneur & Cooperative Development (MECD)

Also known as the Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi (KPUK) in Malay term. MECD was established in 2004. History of MECD dates back to 1974 with the establishment of KPPA, which was later renamed Kementerian Perusahaan Awam (KPA) or Ministry of Public Enterprises (MPE). MECD is the main agency responsible for coordinating the development of bumiputera entrepreneurs. It also provides entrepreneurial training and development programmes to bumiputera entrepreneurs. Agencies under the ministry includes SME Bank, TEKUN, MARA, UHB, BPMB, PNS, Bank Rakyat, JPK, MKM, PKEN. In April, 2009, MECD was abolished and the functions and agencies of MECD will be absorbed into eight ministries mainly, the Ministry of Domestic, Trade and Consumer Affairs.
Notes:   Available in Malay version only.

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