My E.G. Services Berhad (MYEG)

Incorporated on February 17, 2000 as I.T. Marvel Sdn Bhd. Renamed My E.G. Dot Com Sdn Bhd before assuming the present name on October 13, 2001. The company was public listed on April 13, 2005. MYEG's main objectives are development and implementation of E-Government services and the provision of other related services for the E-Government initiative. MYEG is a concessionaire for the E-Government MSC Flagship Application and provides the electronic link between the Government and the citizens and businesses. MYEG's businesses are categorised into 2 divisions - G2C and GES. G2C refers to services such as driving theory test bookings, issuance and renewal of licences, electronic bill payment and payment (EBPP) as well as online information services such as traffic summons checking and electronic bankruptcy or liquidation status searches (E-Insolvency). GES are non-Internet based services. The MYEG official website features CDL and road tax renewal, LDL application, JPJ booking and more.

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