National Broadband Initiative (Inisiatif Jalur Lebar Kebangsaan)

The National Broadband Initiatives include the National Broadband Plan (NBI was implemented in 2004 aims at enabling a knowledge-based culture through broadband. The program facilitates development of internet services - particularly e-Government and e-Commerce.); MyICMS 886 (Implemented from 2006-2010, this plan focuses on 8 service areas such as High Speed Broadband, 3G and Mobile TV and supported by 8 infrastructures such as Multiservice Convergence and Satellite Networks and Next Generation Internet Protocol IPv6); High Speed Broadband (HSBB) Program (With a target of achieving 50% Broadband penetration by 2010, this plan is a RM11 Billion investment that aims at making high-speed affordable broadband available to high density economically critical areas); and the Broadband to the General Population (BBGP providing up to 2MBps internet access using ADSL, HSPA and WiMAX nationwide.). The official website also features What is Broadband, Advantages of Broadband and Getting Broadband.
Notes:   The program has concluded in 2010 and the website has been shut down. For current info, please visit:
Website: (Expired)

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