Officially launched in August 2008. A wireless broadband service based on WiMAX technology. Amax would operate similar to WiFi but at higher speeds, over greater distances and for a greater number of users. Amax WiMax service is provided and powered by Asiaspace (incorporated in 1996). Asiaspace is a Malaysian WiMAX 2.3Ghz license-holders. Asiaspace will soon provide Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) service over the L-Band spectrum. Amax subscribers will be offered privilege access to TV on the Go, Music, Movies, Traffic Updates, GPS, Weather Forecast, Live News, Radios, Stock Market Info and many other content. There are 4 standard packages namely amax68 (1Mbps, unlimited usage, single user), amax88 (1Mbps with unlimited usage, multiple user), amax118 (1.5Mbps) and amax288 (2Mbps), which signify the subscription rates per month. Minimum contract for service is 12 months. 3 months advanced subscription fee.

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