Business Guide: Time and Date

  • Time and Date
    Guide to time zones and calendars around the world. Generate a calendar for a given year and country, convert times between time zones, find countdowns to the next New Year's Day or any other date, show moon phases...
  • TimeTicker
    GMT offset via Flash rollover world map. Get the correct time of day in locations or time zones selected from a world map. Lists all countries in the world and return ticking accurate current time.
  • World Time Server
    Internet time clock with adjustments for Daylight Savings Time. Look up current time from database containing any country or major city in the world. Displays the time, the GMT offset, a globe image and a section map.
  • World-Calendar
    A web-based perpetual calendar. It contains holidays of over 75 countries and holidays of four religious namly Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Orthodox. Also includes four other calendrical systems, Chinese, Japanese,...