Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC)

Wholly-owned by the Malaysia Minister of Finance, Incorporated. Established on September 18, 2006 to coordinate the overall development of the Halal industry in Malaysia. Focusing on development of Halal standards, audit and certification, plus capacity building for Halal products and services, HDC promotes participation and facilitates growth of Malaysian companies in the global Halal market. The Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) official website features Discover Halal (Halalan Toyyiban, Malaysia Halal Logo, Fatwa, Halal Glossary), Halal Industry (Why Malaysia? Halal Certification, Industry Sectors, Halal Certified Statistics, Market Information, Policies & Regulations) and Initiatives (Halal Parks, Investment Incentives, Financial Advisory Services, Halal Anchor Company, Halal Training, Halal Knowledge Center, Comprehensive Halal Directory, Halal Widget, HDC iPhone Application, World Halal Research, Halal Thought Leadership).
Website:   www.hdcglobal.com/

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